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Choose Your Free Class!

During March 2021, your first Online class is free! Which one do you want to try?

You can find out more about each class here.


Morning Yoga

Every Weekday 9-9.30

General Yoga class for everyone including the beginners.We do different things every day. Free optional meditation straight after the class until 9.45.


Gentle Ashtanga Yoga Wed 7.15pm

Wednesday 7.15-8.15pm

Chilled out Ashtanga class with lots of easy modifications. Suitable for both new Ashtanga students and seasoned practitioners. Not suitable for the beginners.


General Yoga Monday 6pm

Monday 6-7pm

Suitable for anybody including the beginners. Class includes sun salutaions, standing and seated postures. Every class ends with short meditaion and relaxation.


Gentle Yoga Wed 6pm

Wednesday 6-7pm

For the beginners or those who want to work gently. There will be enough postures to feel the physical benefits quickly with every class ending with relaxation.


(On Morning Yoga)

What I really like is that in 30 mins you do enough to feel that you have had a good workout, it hardly breaks in to the day, but it informs the rest of the day beautifully. 

And I really like how a lot of it is familiar now but you put a new thing in most days which is fab.
(Jo, North Devon)

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