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Broaden your Yoga Horizon. Try and learn something new!

Please join our monthly Ashtanga Yoga Workshop, and Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop. You can join in-person or online.

Pebble Beach
Ashtanga workshop

Ashtanga Yoga Workshop


Do you want to learn more challenging and more varieties of postures?

Do you want to get more physical benefits of yoga such as strength, balance and flexibility?

Do you want to experience the focused mind and deep relaxation through your asana practice?

Then you may LOVE Ashtanga Yoga Workshop!

There are monthly in-person workshop and online workshop. (So 2 workshops a month)

'It's always such a rewarding session, thanks!'

- T from Appledore

Mindfulness Workshop

Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop

'I recently tried the Yoga And Mindfulness workshop on Sunday morning.  I was deeply impressed and thought the session was genius. A balance of gentle yoga, guided meditation, yoga philosophy/Buddhist teachings and deep relaxation.  A brilliant formula, well planned and executed.'

-N from Appledore

Are you interested in mindfulness and guided relaxation?

Do you want to find out about yoga and meditation philosophy?

Do you want to learn gentle yoga and meditation technique?

Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop is a very popular workshop which is open to absolutely anyone. No experience is needed. You don't even need to sit on the floor!

We usually start this workshop with gentle yoga, followed by meditation session(s), a short talk and guided relaxation.

I have talked about many topics such as mindfulness practice and yoga and zen philosophy. They are all short (10 min) and easy.


You can join me in-person or online workshop. They are held separately monthly. (So 2 workshops a month)

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