Yoga philosophy Workshop

I always felt, if someone chooses to practice yoga instead of aerobics or other exercises, she/he might be interested in something a little more than physical fitness. If this is you, this workshop is a VERY unique opportunity to learn about yoga philosophy. I have been studying at Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies for several years in depth, and this is the area I am profoundly interested.

We start the workshop with general level yoga, followed by a talk on yoga philosophy. I will firstly give you an overview on 2 very important schools of Indian philosophy. Then I will talk on the 4th centry Yoga Sutra, written  by Patanjali, and discuss about 'the eight limbs of yoga' (also called ashtanga yoga, confusingly).


I will make it as easy and accessible as possible. No prior knowledge required, but just curiosity and open mind. The course notes will be provided. I am hoping to finish the workshop with relaxation....but let's see where it takes off!

Sunday 26th June 2022 10am-12

Alwington Village Hall EX39 5AW


Please reserve your place by contacting me.