Practising yoga everyday is extremely empowering and life changing.


You can subscribe to Morning Yoga videos and receive a new 30 minute yoga video every weekday  at a very affordable price.


If you cannot attend the live morning class from 9am, you can receive one at about lunch time and practice in the evening or next morning. 

The videos are valid for 2 weeks so if you cannot practice that day, you can always catch up on the weekend.

Warm Up on the Beach

5 videos (Monday - Friday) £6

Each video is £1.50

(You can have specific days' video sent every week, for example Monday and Friday)

You can watch the sample video here.

Also you can purchase downloadable 60 min videos or 90 min workshop videos

Weekly Gentle Yoga £4

Weekly Gentle Ashtanga Yoga £4

Monthly Ashtanga Yoga Workshop £5

Monthly Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop £5

To subscribe, or have specific video sent by email, please contact me.