About Atsuko



My name is Atsuko, and I live in a small village in Devon. I have been teaching yoga continuously from 1994, initially in London, and then in North Devon from 1997. So it has been over 25 years now!

My classes are mostly posture based yoga with meditation and relaxation at the end. I combine different styles such as Ashtanga yoga, Iyenger yoga, and Vinyasa flow to create classes to promote physical flexibility and strength leading to deep relaxation. (You can watch my sample video at the bottom of this page.) 

I have taught in many settings including gyms, health clubs, adult education colleges, but since the pandemic I now mainly organise my own classes and teach in halls and studios, and also some private classes.

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I am also profoundly interested in Yoga philosophy and meditation, and these elements are integrated in the classes where it's appropriate.

I mainly studied Ashtanga yoga in mid 1990's in London and my teachers includes John Scott, Godfrey Devereux and David Swenson, and I continue to take classes to deepen my practice and for my own personal enjoyment.

Also since 2016 I have been studying with Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies on various Classical and Hatha yoga texts. I continue to be a fully committed yoga student and practitioner of mindfulness and pracitse regularly with others and on my own. I am widely read in yoga and spirituality . I would love to talk on these topics with you!