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A Female Bideford Student said

I have been practising yoga for 30 years and experienced several yoga teachers.  I really appreciate Atsuko’s clear, non flowery approach in all her classes.  I recently tried the Yoga And Mindfulness workshop on Sunday morning.  I was deeply impressed and thought the session was genius. A balance of gentle yoga, guided meditation, yoga philosophy/Buddhist teachings and deep relaxation.  A brilliant formula, well planned and executed.  We are so lucky to have access to such a talented teacher here in North Devon.

A Male Appledore student said

Your Yoga sessions have really help to sort out my plantars fasciitis, and isolated shoulder after many sessions of physiotherapy. Every session has a new element added designed to stretch and improve my practice. The instructions you give are clear and positions are corrected to give the best results.

A femal Online yoga student wrote...

I've had a difficult time during lockdown. Your yoga classes have been sooooo helpful and I honestly don't think I could have coped as well without them.

A female Appledore Student said

Just to say I am loving the classes. There’s so much that fits with my clinical hypnotherapy work in terms of the relaxation techniques, breathing etc. I’m really happy to have found you.

A female Bideford Student wrote....

Thank you for all your help - Your sessions have really helped me this year - I dont' suffer so much pain now. Thank you.

A female Bideford student said....

Your classes are , by far, the ones I connect most with locally. I think your calmness , confidence and energy work best for me.

A female Bideford student wrote....

Atsuko has a friendly and encouraging manner with very clear instructions. The best thing for me is everyone is working at their own ability so whether you are just starting or have been doing it a while you all get a great workout and finish with a very relaxing meditation.

A female Bideford student wrote....

I love yoga with the super bendy Atsuko. I always feel calm yet energised both physically and mentally after class. Atsuko's manner and teaching style is great - gentle when needed but will also push and stretch you when needed too. Atsuko is able to adapt for all ages and abilities and has a charmingly subtle sense of humour!

A female Bideford student wrote.....

Atsuko is a wonderfully, warm and natural teacher. I have enjoyed attending her classes and workshops immensely. She has many regular attending students of a wide range of ages and ability. I only wish I lived nearer to Bideford!!

A female Online Yoga student wrote...

Just want to say once more how very very much I am enjoying your yoga sessions.

What I really like is that in 30 mins you do enough to feel that you have had a good workout, it hardly breaks in to the day, but it informs the rest of he day beautifully. 

And I really like how a lot of it is familiar now but you put a new thing in most days which is fab.

So THANKYOU for introducing me to yoga and leading me to love it ! 

A female Online yoga student wrote....

Thanks for this morning’s class. I just wanted to say how important these morning sessions have been to me and are a main part of my spiritual practice and feeling grounded. I love to begin the day like this and wondered if you plan to continue these sessions ?

A male Ashtanga yoga student said....

After today's session instead of feeling tired I have more mental and physical energy than I have felt in a long time, and I look forwards to a long and healthy life with Ashtanga Yoga as the central pillar. Thank you.

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