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Yoga Video Bundle Black Friday Sale 2023!

The popular bundle sale is back with complete new sets at 30% off from the usual video price. These are actual recordings of the Zoom classes, and I heard many good reports about how real (like live classes) they feel.

Mini Bundle

5 X Morning Yoga  30 min

Total 2 hours 30 min for £ 7 (normal price £10)
(Videos in this bundle are not replicated in the bundles below)


Regular Practice Bundle
1.General Level  75 min
2.General Level 75 min
3.Morning Yoga 30 min
4.Morning Yoga  30 min
Total 3 hours 30 min for £12  (normal price £8.50)

Ashtanga Yoga Bundle
1.Ashtanga Yoga Workshop 90 min
2.Gentle Ashtanga Yoga  60 min
3.Morning Yoga  30 min
4.Morning Yoga  30 min
Total 3 hours 30 min for £ 10. (normal price £14)

Everything Bundle

1.Ashtanga Yoga Workshop 90 min
2.Gentle Ashtanga Yoga  60 min

3. General Level 75 min

4. General Level 75 min
5.Morning Yoga 30 min
6.Morning Yoga 30 min
Total 6 hours  for £15.50 (normal price £22)



And this year, you will get a bonus video of Loving Kindness Mediation!

If you would like to purchase, please email or message me. You cannot buy them from this website. It's a special offer!

The payment is by bank transfer or PayPal. If you don't know the details already, I will email them to you.


These videos don't have expire dates  which means you can play them as many times as you like and you can access them indefinately. You will receive the video links by email, so you need the internet connection to play them. (They open on Youtube, but you don't find them in my YouTube channel)

If you want some videos but not all of them, they can be purchased individually from my video shop. (Morning yoga £2, 60min & 75 min class £4, Workshop £6)

This offer will end on the 7th January 2024!

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