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de-Stress Workshop

De-Stress Workshop

Has this winter felt very long? 

Had enough of the bad weather and its damages?

Had Covid or other bugs and suffered ill health?

The war, the pandemic, the climate change and the fear of economic uncertainty cause anxiety?

If yes, you are not alone, because it's exactly how I have been feeling last few months.

There are many yoga techniques we can explore to help us de-stress and focus on the present moment. In this workshop we do gentle yoga to stretch and relax the tense muscles, and try some yoga techniques which we usually don't have time in the weekly classes. We will finish the workshop with guided meditation and relaxation. And it's not all serious (you know me!). We have time for herbal/regular tea or coffee.

Sunday 29th May 2022


Alwington Village Hall EX39 5AW


Please reserve your place by contacting me.

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Yoga philosophy Workshop

Yoga Philosophy Workshop

I originally planned to run this workshop in April 2020 but had to cancel due to the lockdown. So the idea has been fully and truly warmed up and ready!

I always felt, if someone chooses to practice yoga instead of aerobics or other exercises, she/he might be interested in something a little more than physical fitness. If this is you, this workshop is a VERY unique opportunity to learn about yoga philosophy. I have been studying at Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies for several years in depth, and this is the area I am profoundly interested.

We start the workshop with general level yoga, followed by a talk on yoga philosophy and Yoga Sutra. No prior knowledge required, but just curiosity and open mind. The course notes will be provided. I am hoping to finish the workshop with relaxation....but let's see where it takes off!

Sunday 26th June 2022 10am-12

Alwington Village Hall EX39 5AW


Please reserve your place by contacting me.

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