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Benefits of Online Yoga for me as a student

Since I left London in 1997 I have been practising yoga by myself or sometimes practised together with other Ashtanga Yoga enthusiasts. Occasionally I attended some local classes offered by other teachers, which were all great , but I never found a class where I can progress from where I left.

More than 5 years ago, a friend (a student of mine at the time) started Ashtanga yoga self practice group in Appledore, and it has been my rock since. There is no teaching , and we just practise together. The paricipants are all my students so in theory at least, they are less advanced compared to me but everybody brings something to the group and we have learned a lot from each other. It really encouraged me to grow in my practice.

Having said this, I was desperately craving for some guidance. Someone who can lead me from where I left over 20 years ago. I did go to Exeter and London to join workshops, and tried some online resources, but they lacked consistency and personal guidance (distance and cost).

Then BOOM!! Lockdown.

After the initial panic about sorting my own classes, I looked around and noticed some of the teachers I would love to work with are/were offering online classes. Apart from the ease of practising home, the fees are also reasonable and no cost of traveling to the cities or retreats.

They have been fantastic.

As a participant, I don’t think you miss any element of the instruction. You can see and hear the teachers just as clearly. Or sometimes clearer compared to being at the back of jam-packed London studios. Also, Scott Johnson, who I am practising now, amazingly teaches Mysore(self-practice) class, where you practice at your pace and he watches you and gives verbal instruction. Maybe it’s not for all the teachers as many of us are ‘hands-on’, but he is so articulate with his instructions!

Apart from the great teachings, they are on every morning (the one I’m doing now is from 6.30am!!). If you were physically attending the classes, it would be very difficult to travel every morning.

As I said many times before, I was sceptical about online yoga, but now I am completely sold. I just wish they were around when I was bringing up my children and bound at home many years ago.

Please feel free to share.

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