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Sunrise Serenity: The Benefits of Starting Your Day with Yoga with Posture Suggestions

I'm not a morning person, so for a long time, I did my yoga in the evening. Evenings were great because my body felt more flexible, and I could really get into those yoga poses. Plus, there was no rush, and I could have longer sessions.


But about 5 or 6 years ago, I switched to doing yoga in the morning. I used to roll out of bed right onto my yoga mat. Surprisingly, it worked! The trick was to start doing yoga before my brain started convincing me to go back to sleep. Does your brain play the same game? Mine always tries to talk me out of getting up early to do something healthy.


During the lockdown, I started doing early morning yoga in online classes. That meant I had to ditch my pyjamas and look somewhat presentable! Nowadays, I still do morning yoga, sometimes with friends on Zoom or joining an online class, but mostly on my own.


And let me tell you, the benefits are huge. Getting up to do something I love lifts my usual morning low mood. When my alarm goes off, I don’t always feel like it. My mind does the usual trick of trying to get me back to sleep. But I get up and step on my mat, knowing I'll feel so much better afterward.


So here are some yoga moves you can try in the morning. If you don't know them, I've put some video links to help you out. Before you get moving, remember, your body is stiffer in the morning, so take it easy! No need to push too hard. If you do all of them, it might take about 20 minutes, but you can just do a few if you're short on time.


   There are different types, but I like the classic one with chaturanga and updog. You can do any type. I usually do it three times.


   Even though it's called 'moon,' why not?  It's a bit longer and gentler than the sun salutation.


   It might be a bit tough in the morning, but it's a good stretch for your legs and back. Remember, it’s okay to bend your knees.


   This one is called Marichyasana C, but any twists will do.


   A great hip opener.


Afterward, I don’t have time for a long relaxation, but I always do a short shavasana (corpse pose). I recommend lying down to relax for at least 2 minutes.


I hope these ideas help make your mornings better. There are more free videos on my YouTube channel and also on my Freebies page. Sign up to get the password for freebies. Enjoy your morning yoga!

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