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Yoga is Boring

The other day I took part in an event where many of my yoga students also participated. I was talking to a person who had come to my yoga class just once, and she said she hadn’t come back because she found yoga too boring.

Maybe I should have been offended, but instead I thought ‘Oh, you really didn’t get it, did you?’ It was her first yoga lesson and she didn’t find it too easy. So it wasn’t the case of a seasoned or super-fit student being in a wrong class.

But maybe I was too unkind. By being honest, she might have given me a really good insight why some people come to yoga once and never come back. Maybe many people do find yoga too boring.

In this modern digital era, we are too used to be occupied, engaged and entertained. Adults like to criticise the kids being on the mobile phones all the time, but adults are not any better, are we? If not mobile phone, we have unlimited home entertainments and endless YouTube videos to watch. I heard that if we watched all the Youtube Videos , it would take one thousand life times, but it was a few years ago. It must be over ten thousand life times now if not more.

I really don’t like to talk about ‘In my days things were different…’ stuff, but on this occasion I must say so. I remember being so bored during summer holiday at my grand parents’ home. I remember so looking forward to the latest issue of my favourite comic to be released. And it wasn’t such a long time ago when there were only 4 channels on TV and trying to find something to watch and giving up. We weren’t as entertained or over stimulated back then.

This may be one of the reasons why now many teachers teach yoga classes with music. For some people it may be a good solution if a silent class is a little strange or boring. Soothing music may make yoga class less intimidating and help one to relax and concentrate on the class more. At least at the beginning stage.

But eventually there will be a time when you have to meditate without the lovely music or guiding voice. You have to learn to watch your own thoughts and control them, if you want to stay sane and find lasting inner peace.

I’m afraid modern life is making it harder and harder.

Please feel free to share.

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