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Beyond Asanas: Nourishing Your Mind with Morning Yoga Bliss

I have been hosting online morning yoga classes every weekday since the first Covid lockdown, marking four years this month! Except for a few breaks during summer holidays or Christmas, these classes have been virtually held almost every day. What's truly remarkable is that the same dedicated individuals continue to attend, rarely missing a session. Their commitment is truly incredible, and I am profoundly grateful.

Recently, I reached out to some of them for feedback on what keeps them coming back every morning and the benefits they've experienced through consistent practice. Many mentioned physical benefits and improvements in specific conditions, and I have already a post about that here.

Equally important were the responses highlighting mental, psychological, and spiritual advantages.

First of all, participants mentioned that regular morning yoga sets a positive tone for their day. They feel physically and mentally prepared, motivated, and ready to face the challenges ahead. I do my personal practice in the early morning, too, and I wholeheartedly agree with this point. Even on days when I wake up feeling overwhelmed by the task ahead, by the time I finish my practice, things seem more manageable, and I feel level-headed.

Many students express that yoga keeps them calm and grounded. During the sessions, they experience a deep connection with the present moment, allowing them to switch off their minds. Consequently, anxiety is eased, and they find themselves happier with who they are. While every day may bring different emotions, one participant mentioned feeling lighter even on days when she starts feeling down.

For some, yoga is a spiritual journey, an integral part of their spiritual life that helps them connect with their inner selves. Can you relate to any of these feelings? I've encountered numerous yoga students and friends who initially embraced yoga purely as a physical discipline but eventually found profound spiritual meanings in their practice.

Perhaps surprisingly, many people find practising yoga online with fellow students fun and motivating. Admittedly, there may not be much interaction during sessions, but knowing that you are not practising alone, that others are sharing the same experience, is encouraging.

Yoga is one activity where you always feel better afterward. There is never a time when you think, 'I wish I hadn't bothered’ after the practice.  Personally, there are times when I have to muster the energy to get up early (a struggle!), but I've never regretted it. It's always worth the little extra effort, consistently rewarding.

If you're considering starting your yoga journey, aiming to establish a regular routine, or simply curious, I have the perfect free gift for you! I've created the 'Beautiful Morning Starter Kit' with a short yoga video and a Morning Checklist. This also includes a bonus of a free online class and additional yoga and meditation videos. Find out more from the link below.

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