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Early Asanas, Lasting Impact: Embracing the Physical Perks of Morning Yoga

In 2020, during the lockdown, I unexpectedly launched my online morning yoga class. Initially, I had no plans to teach yoga online—partly due to scepticism, but mainly my limited tech savviness. However, a persuasive friend convinced me to give it a try, and remarkably, it thrived right from the start. At one point, I had more than 50 participants joining from over four countries daily!

Post-lockdown, life resumed its usual rhythm, and I resumed in-person classes with both familiar and new faces. However, my online community passionately urged me to continue, and I'm thrilled to share that about half of the students stayed, and more joined since. The class has maintained virtually the same format since April 2020.

Recently, I asked my morning yoga students why they continue this practice.

Establishing a Sanctuary in Routine:

For many, the primary reason lies in their appreciation for the regular yoga routine. They structure their day around the practice, making it a fixed routine with numerous physical and emotional benefits. A daily yoga session compels individuals to carve out time for themselves amid the demands of work, family, and friends. It's a refreshing act of prioritising one's own well-being, declaring, even if only to oneself, 'No, this is my time for yoga.'

Cracking the Morning Code:

Additional benefits arise from practising yoga in the morning. Logistically, it's easiest to fit into your schedule before the day's busyness sets in. Your mind is fresh, facilitating better mental focus. Although physically, your body might be stiffer, making more advanced poses a bit harder, yoga becomes a gentle preparation for the day's challenges, physically and mentally.

Transformation in Motion:

Many report that yoga is remarkably helpful in maintaining and improving flexibility and strength. Daily yoga sessions work wonders for joint stability, with some even attesting that it helped them reduce reliance on regular pain management medications. One student, dealing with a degenerative spine problem, credits yoga for keeping her away from surgery and prescribed opioids.

Personally, I've witnessed several students with severe back problems experience significant improvement, while others with joint issues regained lost mobility.

Fueling the Day Ahead:

Moreover, many attest that morning yoga sessions provide a substantial energy boost, allowing them to approach the day with a positive attitude and compassion.

Virtual Vibes:

Let's not forget the social benefits. Even in the online realm, practising with other yogis every day is both fun and motivating. With many of us working from home, it's a small but important occasion to connect with like-minded yoga buddies.

And this is just the beginning—I haven't even touched on the mental and emotional benefits, which I'll delve into in my next blog.

If the idea of morning yoga resonates with you, join my Online Morning Yoga class, running every weekday from 9 am to 9:30 am, featuring a 15-minute free meditation until 9:45, three times a week. The first class is free, so you can experience it first-hand.

If 9am is too late or too early, you can receive the recording daily, or on the days you want. You can use it to establish your yoga routine.

If morning practice is not your thing or you can do longer yoga sessions, there is evening online class on Wednesday 6pm-7.15. You can also receive the recording.

Feel free to reach out for a Morning Yoga trial or any other inquiries. Your journey to a revitalised self begins here!

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