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The Morning Phone Trap : Reclaiming Your Sunrise Bliss

It's funny how habits sneak into our lives, isn't it? For the past few years, I've found myself reaching for my phone almost automatically, as if it's a cosy refuge. It's become a reflex, my go-to move when I'm bored – the equivalent of opening the fridge door for no reason at all.

As I've mentioned before, my mornings start with a bit of a struggle. I used to grab my phone as soon as I woke up, silencing the alarm and diving straight into emails, messages, and sometimes the not-so-cheerful news. But about a year ago, someone suggested avoiding the morning phone check-in, and let me tell you, it made a lot of difference.

My nemesis in the early morning? An overactive mind buzzing with negative thoughts. And let's face it, lying down and reading the phone is probably the worst thing to do in that state. The moment you tap into those emails, your time is demanded, reminders of pending tasks pop up, and some messages scream for an immediate response. No wonder I didn't feel like emerging from under the covers!

Now, I'm not saying phones are evil. They're handy tools, especially for someone like me who does lots business on the phone. But here's the thing – your phone shouldn't dictate the tone of your day. It should be your ally, not your morning adversary. Save that first connection to the outside world for when you're ready to face it head-on.

Here are a few practical tips that have worked for me:

1.      Set your phone on 'do not disturb' until well after you've woken up.

2.      Ditch using your phone as an alarm; invest in a good old-fashioned clock.

3.      If you must use it as an alarm, place the phone away from your bed. It's a simple trick to resist the temptation to scroll during those early morning hours. Trust me; it works.

4.      I wouldn’t even listen to the music. Music can dictate your mood. You need to be in charge of your own mood!

So, what's your take on this? If you're a fellow phone addict, I highly recommend giving it a shot. Break the morning phone spell and take charge of your day.

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