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Yoga Philosophy Course

I started an online Yoga philosophy course by Oxford Centre of Hindu Studies in July. This is a short course with 7 weeks of weekly lectures and 5 more weeks to write and submit 2000 words essay.

I found this course completely by chance. One night I was looking through the Open University site just out of interest. Then completely by chance, I found the website of Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies which is linked to Oxford University and its online courses. They offer about 10 different courses, most of them I am very interested. I felt greedy and wanted to start them all, but decided to stick to one at a time. Yoga philosophy is one subject I am most familiar so started in July 2018.

And this is a really good course indeed. They start a new course a few times a year and on this particular course I am on, there are about 10 students from all over the world. The forum is very active and run by an incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher. It’s also great to communicate with similar minded people (mostly yoga teachers) from other countries. Only a few of us are from the UK.

The video of new lectures are released every Saturday night/Sunday morning and, as strangely as it may sound, this is the highlight of my week now. (You might call me sad.)

I had sporadic knowledge on yoga philosophy through yoga training and my own reading but always felt the subject very very confusing. This course answers many of my questions and also at the same time confirmed that there are different opinions and interpretation on the subject.

It’s Sunday morning now so the new lecture is out now. So looking forward to log onto it after updating this post.

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